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Mushrooms are magic: a soup, an appetiser, and a main

17 Oct 2019, by Prasuk

Want to burn that belly fat? Or get an extra blast of energy? Or maybe just strengthen those bones? Load up on mushrooms, the one and only natural dietary source of Vitamin...


Appetiser Planning Cheatsheet: How Much, How Many, What, When

09 Oct 2019, by Prasuk

Planning appetisers for your party? Here is a quick cheatsheet, assembled by curating the best tips from party planners and veteran hosts, to help you handle some of the pesky questions.



September 2019

18 Sep 2019, by Prasuk


Cooking With The Kids, For The Kids

10 Sep 2019, by Prasuk

By Namita M Anand


Get the kids into the kitchen. Have fun whipping up these super-easy, super-scrumptious recipes with them. Who knows, you just might be able to convert your...


7 Super Strategies To Get Kids Started On Healthy Eating

04 Sep 2019, by Prasuk

Tired of nagging your kids to eat better, healthier? Shift gears, suggests Dr. Kanika Varma, renowned health & nutrition professional. She outlines 7 simple yet effective strategies that encourage kids to make...


Kickstart metabolism: eat-in harmony with your body clock

12 Aug 2019, by Prasuk

By  Kanika Varma, associate professor, University of Rajasthan teaching & practicing nutrition with a passion

What to eat? How much to eat? We all have grappled with these eternal questions in...


Kebabs: The Vegetarian Edit

06 Aug 2019, by Prasuk

by Namita M Anand –

Home Chef: Mostly Local, Usually Seasonal, Somewhat Brilliant Food

Seeking the flavour and texture of kebabs, minus the meat? Try these vegetarian versions. Delicately spiced...


Monsoon alert: the 5 essential food dos & don'ts!

12 Jul 2019, by Prasuk

This monsoon, even as you renew your romance with the rains, please do stay mindful about your diet. For along with the gentle breezes and cool showers monsoons also usher in a...


International Yoga Day

19 Jun 2019, by Prasuk

21st June, being the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere, and having a special significance in many parts of the world, was declared as an International Day for Yoga...


Healthy workspace, happy work life

17 Jun 2019, by Prasuk

We all spend a lot of time at our workplace. Companies need to foster workplace wellness programmes. Such programmes not only have a positive impact on employee productivity they also make them...


Fit fathers. happy fathers.

15 Jun 2019, by Prasuk


Fit Fathers. Happy Fathers.


As children we look up to our dads like they are our protectors and heroes (and they really are). We grow up and...


Nutrition for athletes

10 Jun 2019, by Prasuk

Good nutrition for all means eating a variety of foods. Many athletes get slack in a routine of eating the same staple foods over and over again - salads, pasta, bananas, bread...


A healthy pregnancy

10 Jun 2019, by Prasuk

When you are pregnant you must follow a healthy, balanced diet to help ensure you stay healthy throughout your pregnancy. The food you eat is your baby's main source of nourishment...


Call for the Karela!

20 May 2019, by Prasuk

Fond of the bitter Karela? Here are a few more reasons why you should feast on it.  Karela/Bitter Gourd/Bitter Melon is a great source of several key nutrients which are essential...


It’s Guar Season!

20 May 2019, by Prasuk

Guar ki Fali or Cluster Beans are annual legumes and also the source of guar gum. Not only are they extremely nutritious but are also used to replenish the soil with essential...


The Amazing Arbi

20 May 2019, by Prasuk

Taro root or Arbi is popular across of Northern India and Pakistan . One of the very few vegetables where both the root and the leaves are edible, Arbi has a smooth, starchy...


The Perfect Pumpkin

13 May 2019, by Prasuk

Nowadays the thought of Pumpkins, conjures up images of Halloween and Thanksgiving.

But the Pumpkin has always been a part of Indian tradition. Fasts are usually broken with  Puri, Aloo...


The healthy way to chill in summer

08 May 2019, by Prasuk

We usually use unhealthy methods to keep cool in summer. We blast our air conditioners, guzzle on ice-creams, drink lots of iced tea, cold coffee, sodas and the like. But do these...


Watermelon Summer Favourite

08 May 2019, by Prasuk


Now that summer is in full swing we are all looking forward to a watery fruit that Nature has created for us. Not only is it bright and beautiful and...


The Super Mushroom

08 May 2019, by Prasuk

People in almost every ancient civilisation in the world used Mushrooms for their healing properties. Ancient Egyptians called them the plant of immortality. However, nowadays people are unaware about the benefits...



07 May 2019, by Prasuk

Wow! Mangoes are in season.Time to celebrate.


Nature brings us this delicious fruit in summer. Mangoes are divine, versatile and make a delicious smoothie, awesome ice-cream and of...


For the Love of Tori

07 May 2019, by Prasuk

Tori or ridge gourd is a vegetable which is considered to be a boring, bland vegetable but it is actually extremely healthy and nourishing.

Here are some of the healthy reasons...


Heap up on Zucchini

07 May 2019, by Prasuk

Zucchini (also known as courgette or summer squash) is a type of small, young marrow with a tender, edible skin. The skin contains most of the nutrients of this vegetable. It can...


Are you on Tinda yet?

07 May 2019, by Prasuk

Tinda, native to India, is a cross between a green apple and a pumpkin. It is also known as Indian apple gourd or round gourd. 


Nutritional Content:



Musk Melons to the rescue!

07 May 2019, by Prasuk


The summer heat and dryness makes our digestive system weak so we should eat foods that we can digest easily. Fruits have natural hydration and are easy to digest. One...


Long live the liver!

18 Apr 2019, by Prasuk

April 19th is World Liver Day, a day meant to spread awareness and understanding of the importance of the largest organ of our body - the liver!


Did you...


World Water Day! 2019

22 Mar 2019, by Prasuk

Water is the elixir of life, water contains medicines" Atharva Veda

Water is one of the five compositions that the body is made of- the others being earth, fire, air and ether...


You First.#WomensDay2019

04 Mar 2019, by Prasuk

As women, many of us are prone to neglecting ourselves. We take on the responsibilities of looking after our family, our job and other tasks so we find it difficult to devote...




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