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Mushrooms are magic: a soup, an appetiser, and a main

17 Oct 2019, by Prasuk
Want to burn that belly fat? Or get an extra blast of energy? Or maybe just strengthen those bones? Load up on mushrooms, the one and only natural dietary source of Vitamin...


Kebabs: The Vegetarian Edit

06 Aug 2019, by Prasuk
by Namita M Anand – Home Chef: Mostly Local, Usually Seasonal, Somewhat Brilliant Food Seeking the flavour and texture of kebabs, minus the meat? Try these vegetarian versions. Delicately spiced...


Call for the Karela!

20 May 2019, by Prasuk
Fond of the bitter Karela? Here are a few more reasons why you should feast on it.  Karela/Bitter Gourd/Bitter Melon is a great source of several key nutrients which are essential...


It’s Guar Season!

20 May 2019, by Prasuk
Guar ki Fali or Cluster Beans are annual legumes and also the source of guar gum. Not only are they extremely nutritious but are also used to replenish the soil with essential...


The Amazing Arbi

20 May 2019, by Prasuk
Taro root or Arbi is popular across of Northern India and Pakistan . One of the very few vegetables where both the root and the leaves are edible, Arbi has a smooth, starchy...


The Perfect Pumpkin

13 May 2019, by Prasuk
Nowadays the thought of Pumpkins, conjures up images of Halloween and Thanksgiving. But the Pumpkin has always been a part of Indian tradition. Fasts are usually broken with  Puri, Aloo...


The Super Mushroom

08 May 2019, by Prasuk
People in almost every ancient civilisation in the world used Mushrooms for their healing properties. Ancient Egyptians called them the plant of immortality. However, nowadays people are unaware about the benefits...


For the Love of Tori

07 May 2019, by Prasuk
Tori or ridge gourd is a vegetable which is considered to be a boring, bland vegetable but it is actually extremely healthy and nourishing. Here are some of the healthy reasons...


Heap up on Zucchini

07 May 2019, by Prasuk
Zucchini (also known as courgette or summer squash) is a type of small, young marrow with a tender, edible skin. The skin contains most of the nutrients of this vegetable. It can...


Are you on Tinda yet?

07 May 2019, by Prasuk
Tinda, native to India, is a cross between a green apple and a pumpkin. It is also known as Indian apple gourd or round gourd.    Nutritional Content: Tinda...




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