Considering the population of Delhi/NCR, the size of organic food market is big enough to support farmers in the neighboring states such as Haryana, Rajasthan and Uttrakhand. The aim of PRASUK ORGANICS is to create an organic food brand, which will transform a conventional kitchen into an organic kitchen. PRASUK will provide a platform to the farmers where they can sell their produce directly to health-conscious consumers. The existing niche market will be converted into need-based market only if we can reduce the gap between the prices of organic food and conventional food.

Nature Knows Best


Organic Farming is a boon for Environmental Sustainability. Organic farming is a holistic approach to integrated farming that produces food without using fertilizers, synthetic pesticides, growth hormones and chemicals.

By producing naturally, organic farmers like Prasuk are able to support natural water tables without contaminating them.

We are able to maintain the balance of Composed Soil by seasonal and regular crop rotation and not putting undue production pressure on soil.



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