We at Prasuk believe that every individual has the basic right to safe food. Unfortunately, today most of our raw ingredients; fruits, vegetables and staples are adulterated with chemicals, pesticides, wax, artificial coloring and more. This adulteration not only decreases the nutritional value of your healthy dishes but also leads to decrease in immunity levels. They may also lead to chronic health problems.


We at Prasuk have made it our mission to get everyone to ‘Plate It Safe’ by ensuring that every dish served up is completely nutritious. We help enable this with our community-supported organic farm which is 100% certified and run according to NOP & NPOP standards. We use contemporary standards in agriculture like net houses, tunnel farming and mulchin to produce 100% authentic organic produce.


Our entire process is natural through and through. From seed treatment to planned crop rotations. From using clover to add nitrogen to the soil to using sour butter milk and planting flowers like Marigold for pest management. We’ve committed to organic all the way. All, so that you get to make food that’s created out of ingredients that are 100% pure and free from any kind of adulteration.


Join us in our mission to ‘Plate it Safe’. Together we can make safer food a part of everyone’s diet. Together we can ensure that every household can plate it safe and get the nutrition they deserve. So join the movement. Go Organic. Start by requesting a free sample or order now and get 15% off on your first box.

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