Return policy

On delivery, If you are not satisfied with the product kindly return it to delivery boy right thereand we will make the necessary adjustments to your order value. Complaints received afterdelivery for fresh produce (fruits and vegetables) will be handled on a case by case basis. This isbecause some perishable or tender vegetables do not have a shelf life greater than 3 days.

On rare occasions, customers might find a insects or two inside a vegetable. We are not referringto a big bug that has eaten a chunk of a vegetable, but a small bug inside a cucumber, or a pieceof okra or brinjal. This will not happen very frequently, but that can happen once in a while. Thisis actually proof it is organic! A simple solution is to cut away the part with the little insects anduse the rest. To be safe, you can boil the vegetable well. Ask your mother, granny and aunts, theywill tell you this was not unusual until the 90s.

Refund policy

In case you have already paid for the returned item previously (through an online transaction, orsubscription), a credit will be offered for future transactions.

For a particular item, a partial return is not possible. For instance, if you are unhappy with 5pieces of potatoes out of 10, you will have to return all 10 pieces.

Cancellation policy

Cancellation post the cut of time, will incur damages charges of Rs. 10% on total order + 3%Transactional charges if paid online, balance will be credited to your account.

Cut of time to cancel order:
Cancellation for orders: Will be accepted till 7am Wednesday and Saturday.
Cancellation for orders:Will be accepted till 7am Wednesday and Saturday.
Cancellation for orders: Will be accepted till 7am Tuesday and Friday.



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